Introducing Infleqtion

It’s time to take quantum out of the lab and move from quantum hype to quantum deployed. Built on ColdQuanta’s 15 years of pioneering quantum research, we’re proud to announce we’re launching Infleqtion.

At Infleqtion, we are building an ecosystem of quantum technologies and commercial products for today, driving us – and the entire industry – toward tomorrow.

We’re pushing quantum to its limit and leading from the edge.


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Boosting Quantum Performance
with Software

Michael A. Perlin, Quantum Software Manager, presents the latest results from SuperstaQ, a write-once-target-all platform for running quantum software on different hardware platforms.

SuperstaQ boosts hardware performance through low-level optimizations that tailor a quantum program to a desired piece of hardware, enabling quantum end-users to maximize their mileage on today’s quantum hardware.

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Quantum X Finance:

How and Morningstar
are Empowering Investor Success

Paul Lipman, President of Quantum Information Platforms, discusses quantum computing’s potential in the financial services industry, illustrated by the partnership between subsidiary and Morningstar.

Together, they are making quantum computing’s power accessible to the broader investment management community and, in turn, empowering investor success.

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Quantum Advantage for
Distributed Data

Pranav Gokhale, VP of Quantum Software, announces SupercheQ, a quantum protocol that achieves practical and proven advantages for distributed data.

SupercheQ is applicable to any underlying classical data, whether text, audio, video, or full databases.

Enterprise partners can leverage SuperCheQ in their existing data lakes and distributed architectures.

Cold Quanta

Here from the Beginning

We’ve been at this for a while. ColdQuanta has been researching and building quantum components for nearly 15 years. Over that time we’ve been fortunate enough to partner with the US government, NASA, and several other global governments and organizations. Many of the companies working to bring quantum to market purchase components manufactured in our lab.

ColdQuanta continues to play an integral role in the story of Quantum and serves as the research and education division of our mission.

News and Events

SPIE Photonics West
SPIE Photonics West
January 31 - February 1
SPIE is hosting a dedicated symposium for Quantum during SPIE, Quantum West. Join us for exciting presentations on Albert, a cloud-based quantum sensor development platform for the masses, benchmarking QAOA, insights from our CTO & CEO, and a networking reception.
Quantum Australia Conference
Quantum Australia Conference
February 21 - 23
Quantum Australia will explore the theme ‘Building the foundations for a quantum economy'. The program includes thought-provoking panels and presentations on the developments and innovative collaborations helping to realise the potential of quantum technologies and advance Australia’s talent pipeline.

Recent Press

Infleqtion Enters 2023 on Heels of Milestone Year
Infleqtion Enters 2023 on Heels of Milestone Year
Global quantum ecosystem leader to continue record growth in 2023, powered by deep bench of industry experts, technical milestones and revenue-generating customers
Infleqtion and World View Launch New Quantum Application Testing Solution
Infleqtion and World View Launch New Quantum Application Testing Solution
Compact Quantum Form Factor and Stratospheric Balloon Portability Accelerates Market Readiness of Sensors, Clocks, Navigation Systems and More